Our Mission

Our mission puts ideas, people and resources into influencing and creating defining landmarks across the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create sustainable societies through infrastructure. We believe that projects are more than just concrete.

Our Culture

Our culture emphasizing being passionate about delivering the highest standards as the heartbeat of our organization.

Reputable Nigeria Construction Company

Excellence | Innovation | Mastery | Timeliness
At Pekuric Limited, We are Dedicated , Reliable , Affordable , Excellent , Swift .

PEKURIC Limited is a civil engineering company in Nigeria with a vision to redefine the global architectural landscape by providing innovative and functional solutions in architectural design, road construction, building construction and development, and consulting.

We have a vast portfolio that is truly multi-sectoral. Our body of work cuts across the private sector, public sector and international organizations; ranging from processing plants, factories, and silos for agro-allied industries, the establishment of estates, construction of roads, stormwater control measures, construction/remodelling of buildings, parks and church auditoriums.

Our Services

We are passionate about construction, and every member of our team is committed to upholding our core values, from visionary leadership to all staff in the company.

Building Construction

Promptness and innovation are the hallmark of all our building projects. Whether a fresh construction or a revamp our clients are assured of the highest standards in delivering tailor made solutions on all their projects.

Road Construction

Our commitment to excellence shines brilliantly on all our road projects. What shines brightest however is the guarantee that PEKURIC Limited delivers the most durable roads in record time.


Our team of innovative architects deliver the most brilliant designs that meet emerging global standards for architecture with a firm understanding of the structural requirements per project.


With an ingenious team, we help clients with modular solutions in harnessing opportunities and maximizing profit. Our detailed programs range from carrying out feasibility studies, valuations, project management and project-specific consulting.

Processing Facilities

With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, we offer construction and site prep services for processing facilities across various sectors, including agriculture, oil and gas, and manufacturing.


Being expert builders makes us the best team to manage your facilities and other properties. We offer the best maintenance services possible.